Welcome to Bangkok

Cultural phenomenon, shopping heaven and tourist treasure. Welcome to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and one of the world's most cosmopolitan, contrasting and compelling cities. It is a steamy, pulsating, yet smiling metropolis of more than ten million – intense at first, but all who visit soon fall into the charms of the city and the Thai people who inhabit it.  Travellers of all kinds will find what they most desire among the dazzling temples, eclectic markets, gleaming palaces, ritzy shopping malls, a famous nightlife and hotels to match the spectrum of modest to luxuriously indulgent budgets.

It is thanks to the city's vast contradictions that Bangkok enjoys such a rich, multifaceted personality. It is a place of city of climate-controlled megamalls and international brand names just minutes from 200-year-old village homes; gold-spired Buddhist temples sharing space with neon-lit strips of nightlife; slow-moving rivers of traffic bypassed by long-tail boats plying the royal river; and streets lined with food carts, overlooked by restaurants at the top of skyscrapers. As Bangkok races toward the future, rest assured that these contrasts will continue to supply the city with its never-ending Thai-ness.

FIP and our co-hosts in the Pharmaceutical Society of Thailand invite all to join fellow pharmacists from all over the world to experience the FIP Congress in the enthralling city of Bangkok!