Press and Media at the FIP Congress

Press Registration FIP Congress

Any journalist can obtain a Press registration for the annual FIP Congress. We welcome you to all sessions that are open to the public, including the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome reception. You will also have full access to the FIP Media Room where you can find the slides of the speaker presentations that you are interested in. You will receive your badge at the registration counter once you arrive to the Convention Centre.
Since FIP is a not for profit Federation and NGO we can use all the help possible for promoting our Congress in your journals, blogs, newsletters, etc. That’s why we ask you kindly to publish one (or more) of the ready-to-use communication means to let your readers know about the upcoming Congress and increase their interest in participation. As you can see we have:

-web banners
-print banners
-Social media postcards
-ready to publish articles

If you need anything else, please do contact us.

Before the congress you will be asked to send in the communication that you published about the FIP Congress, so your free Press registration will be granted. You can send it to:

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Bangkok Technician banner 1000x258 here

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Pharmacists – Ensuring access to health Exploring our impact on providing medicines, care and information

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